Our Pitch

“The network owned papers are not the ones making a difference in regional Australia, they usually have the lowest readership, are not supporting the community groups and sporting teams that make up communities and profits leave the region.

If you really want to support regional Australia, spend your marketing dollars with a locally focussed organisation that cares and will drive your money further.”

Our Story

The agency concept was born out of the frustration that independent publication owners face on a weekly basis when they pick up a competitive publication and see a national or government ad placed.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks faced in this undertaking has always been the network, or lack thereof, amongst independent papers. Particularly regional operators. Most of these publishers are single title publishing houses and therefore cannot offer anything other than their own readership to a potential advertiser. Whilst there are some agencies that represent regional and independent papers, it is an adjunct to their existing business, not their sole focus.

Our competitive advantage is our in house developed technology platform and the ability to get to market quickly.

Meet the Team

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Kellie Evans

Founder & CEO

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Rich Evans

Chief Technical Officer

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Next Steps…

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